MagnetGuard Basic

Low-cost entry-level system for magnetic detachers detection MagnetGuard Basic. Supplied with two magnetic sensors.

MagnetGuard Wireless

Wireless magnetic detacher detection system MagnetGuard ® Wireless. Convenient and easy to install, can be extended by the number of magnetic sensors and alarms.

MagnetGuard Wireless PRO

Professional magnetic detacher detection system MagnetGuard ® Wireless PRO with advanced features. Compatible with MagnetGuard ® Wireless sensors.

MagnetGuard Wireless Pager

Mobile personnel alert MagnetGuard Pager is additionally equipped with a magnetic field detector, which can detect magnets at a short distance (20-30cm).

MagnetGuard Wireless KIT

Manufacturers of anti-theft systems can extend the functionality of the products by using of embedded wired and wireless kits MagnetGuard KIT.

Custom solutions

Our company has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of EAS equipment. Acoustomagnetic systems and deactivators, safety equipment for open displays, visitor counters, information systems are installed in hundreds of sites and provide all-day protection of our clients' businesses.


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