MagnetGuard Basic

Low-cost entry-level system for magnetic detachers detection MagnetGuard Basic. Supplied with two magnetic sensors.

Designed for usage in stores as an option in conjunction with anti theft systems. Devices do not affect the operation of anti theft equipment and can be integrated into the EAS antenna and placed in the sales area: in the inlet group, on the way to fitting rooms etc.

Power supply From control unit
Dimensions 32mm х 25mm х 11mm ( L x W x H )
Case color Gray
Connection Flat cable
Mounting Using double-sided adhesive tape
Magnetic detacher detection distance* Up to 1.5m in all directions
*The detection distance depends on the magnetic properties and construction of magnetic detacher and sensitivity settings of the control unit.

MAGNETGUARD® Basic control unit
Power supply 12V, 0.5A (from external power adapter)
Dimensions 64mm x 45mm x 24mm ( L x W x H )
Color Black
Mounting Using double-sided adhesive tape or mounting flanges
Display External LED indicator
Controls "Sensitivity" knob
Number of supported sensors 2 sensors

Limitations on usage:
- Installation of the sensors is not closer than 1m from the moving metal objects, power wiring, acousto-magnetic and electromagnetic anti theft systems;
- Installation of the system is not closer 50m from the metro lines, trains, transformer substations and high tension power distribution lines.


#fc3424 #5835a1 #1975f2 #2fc86b #fbodc9 #eef10570 #230813202604